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Future of Building Construction – how Sustainability will Shape Future

We only have one earth – and every choice we make has a measurable impact on its being. Now more than ever before, society has the weight of the world on its shoulders, putting us all under pressure to change the way we live.

As each person pledges their own promises to the planet, industries are making moves as a collective to do their part, but what does this mean for the construction industry?

From the architects that design, to the builders and engineers that make their visions a reality, each building construction sector should be prepared for the part a more eco-aware world could play within the industry.

Material innovation

One of the ways we are already seeing this is through the use of sustainable materials in building construction. A lot of material innovation is currently driven by sustainability and is set to continue in this way.

Such as fast-growing and compostable fungal mycelium, for its use in cladding, structures and insulation. Another suggestion is Green & Blue’s bee bricks, which provide homes for bees that are in decline.

Some suggests that plastic piping in building construction is a modern pipe material because of its “cost-effective, efficient and more durable means” for plumbing, central vacuum systems. Sectors are constantly looking for materials to meet more eco-friendly goals, and this will develop further in all fields.

Giving new life to familiar materials

Architects are attracted to cardboard’s ‘low cost, flexibility, strength, sustainability and recyclability.” It has already been used to trial emergency shelters, schoolhouses and halls.

As those that are a critical part of the design, construction and operation of properties, whether commercial or other, it is crucial to understand how these eco-friendly demands will continue to disrupt the industry.