make your house like new

Five reforms to invest in to make your house like new

The good weather arrives and with it the desire to renew ourselves. That is why on any given day you open the front door and suddenly you know it: it is time to give it a new face and make a reform. We may be very clear about what we want to change, or maybe not, but what we do feel is that our home needs a remodel. In any case, it must be clear that a reform can become a nightmare if it lacks organization and that begins with the budget.

According to surveys, more than 65% of Spaniards point to the large outlay that the reforms entail as a reason to justify the lack of repair of household damage . “The fear of not having enough money to face the reform of a house or lack of time paralyzes many homeowners to perform a ‘facelift’ to the house. But it is possible to make small renovations that lead to major improvements with little effort and without scratching your pocket: putting vinyl coverings, anti-humidity paint, covering kitchen furniture with gloss or matte vinyl, or painting the bathroom walls with synthetic enamels ” Waqas Rana, CEO of Glorious Builders, experts in DIY, garden and home.

You have to be clear about the objective of the reform: a change of style is not the same as modernizing an old house, where you have to fix everything from the pipes to the walls. In the latter case, the reform can be tremendous

  • Painting heals everything. It is clear that the main advantage of painting a house is aesthetic: we get a new environment and we renew the space. But painting also disinfects. The paint has a series of agents that eliminates all types of mites that hide in small holes and corners (especially lime paint, which has a high bactericidal power). Plus, it helps remove embedded odors like tobacco and makes your walls and space breathe again. But a coat of paint can be a very high expense item, especially if you have to remove tiles from the wall before you can put it to work, but if what you want is to reduce costs in the reform, the best option will be to paint on tiles.
  • Renew the floors . An inexpensive option that does not require work to change the floor is to use vinyl or self-adhesive linoleum. This is a solution in which it is easily placed on top of the old and are resistant to moisture. Another option is resin flooring or floating flooring. None of these materials requires work and they are 30% cheaper than the tiled ones.
  • Sliding doors are a trend. For a couple of seasons, this type of door has gotten along very well with industrial-style decoration, but the truth is that there are sliding doors of all styles: modern, rustic, glass, wooden, etc. In addition to being beautiful, they save space and are an interesting solution for small spaces.
  • Pull a partition to gain breadth.  Tearing down a partition is one of the simplest works and with the best value for money. With little investment, you can totally transform a space, allowing natural light to enter the rooms, as well as connecting and expanding the rooms. On the other hand, open spaces have never been as fashionable as they are today.
  • Illuminate correctly . To reduce costs, a preliminary analysis of the distribution of the house with which we know exactly where we need more or less lighting is essential. The way to decrease the cost is to reduce as much as possible the number of plugs or light points to install. A common practice that reduces costs is to take advantage, to the extent possible, of the existing ductwork, while hiding cables for lamps or extensions can be done using plastic gutters that can then be painted in the same color as the wall or ceiling.
  • Give a new air to the kitchen . It is one of the key rooms in the house. Cabinets can be lined with gloss or matte vinyl that, combined with antique furniture, will completely change the aesthetics of an old kitchen. The same happens with the walls, replacing the tiles is expensive and cumbersome, on the contrary, they can be renewed by painting them, applying a resistant paper or a special vinyl that will also cover any damage. Other tricks that work are to change the handles of the cabinets and doors, to put curtains of showy colors or to decorate a wall with some showy element.
  • Play with the decoration . Neutral colors and simple lines for basic furniture are the least risky and cheapest option. The reform can be aesthetic and functional at the same time, but many times we forget: we choose what we like the most and thus make the reform more expensive.