indoor plants

Five Low-Maintenance Plants Perfect for your Home

These indoor plants can energise your interiors with their lush textures and add visual appeal plus offer health benefits

Leafy, wholesome and lush, indoor plants transform a home’s atmosphere by improving health and spreading a general feeling of wellbeing. Plants also cool down temperatures and increase oxygen levels. Here are five tropical indoor plants that are easy-to-maintain and are suited to Pakistan climate.

Indoor Plants: Peace Lily

Peace Lilies originate in rain forests and thrive in tropical climates. Their deep-green leaves and large, beautiful, white flowers, add an elegant floral touch to one’s home. Relatively easy to care for, Peace Lilies can be watered just once a week. Since these plants are native to tropical climates, they thrive in humidity. These grow best in dimly lit surroundings and flourish in the warm Pakistan weather.

beautiful white flowers

Indoor Plants: Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens are rich green plants patterned with silvery-white patches. This plant species grows best in well-drained, moist soil and in medium lighting, either natural or artificial. Chinese Evergreens require fertilisation at least twice a year and need to be watered just once or twice a week. These plants are also known for their air filtering abilities that help keep indoor air pollution-free.

indoor air pollution-free

Indoor Plants: Areca Palm

Lush and tall, Areca Palms beautify a room with their presence. Since these are the only palm species that don’t require frequent trimming, they are easy to take care of. Caring requirements for Areca Palms include ample, bright lighting, high humidity and warm atmospheres. They thrive best in peat-based soil with excellent drainage, since water-logged soil can cause their leaves to wilt. Watering this plant once a day and keeping them away from cold drafts lay the foundation for their well-being.

Areca Palms

Indoor Plants: Croton Plant

Patterned with a multi-coloured network of veins and patches are Croton Plants that infuse interiors with bursts of colour and brightness. These plants have a long life span when given adequate care. Croton plants thrive in moist soil and easily adapt to climates with high humidity. They need to be watered at least once or twice a day to prevent their soil from drying out. In order to retain the plant’s bright pigmentation, it needs to be kept in a place that receives direct sunlight.

Croton Plant

Indoor Plants: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Tall, cascading and sculptural in appearance, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants energise interiors with their waxy leaves and glossy colour. These plants require bright but filtered light and hence flourish best next to glazed windows. They also blossom in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil and must be watered as soon as the soil dries out. Another hack is potting them in earthenware rather than plastic, preventing retention by allowing the soil to breathe. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants help cover empty apartment corners and transform unadorned crevices with lush, green beauty.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant