Fantastic two storey houses

Double-decker houses suggest traditional, but this does not necessarily mean that the design is shallow or lacking in personality. Don’t let your fears of habitual prevent you from Best House Design that gives you the best separation of living spaces with the opportunity to showcase your creativity. From the innovative exterior to the ingenious geometric shapes, you can make your dream home come true with all the boldness and excitement that you desire.You can use these wonderful examples of two-story houses to look for your own inspiration to use some of the elements in it to build your dream home.

1.Neutral colors with wood

The glass and light colors impose their wonderful presence on the front of the house, and through the huge windows you can see the elegant interior design, and we can not fail to mention the main door size dazzling it is a masterpiece by any measure. The colors vary between white and gray in their impressive different tones with their attractive contrast with the wooden entrance.

2.White with Red Bricks

The space on the right of the house is open and airy with its large windows, while the space on the left is more closed and intimate, which increases the attractiveness of this house by its ability to balance different living environments, whether private, personal or social, as it adds white color The façade dominates a lot of elegance, in addition to the red brick wall that enters the warmth of the place and gives a greater sense of belonging.

3.Distinctive roof design

There is no doubt that this facade has what makes it at the front of the facades wonderful design, we see a lot of audacity in the size of the door and the shape of the ceiling with the vertical glass window with the height of the house to the left all accompanied by a spacious balcony gives us in the end a house can not be described as normal at all.

4.Color contrast with glass

This facade did not need more than glass and white and gray to capture our eyes. This house has greenery from every direction, so life here is mixed with nature. Another striking aspect of this house is the different geometric shapes that overlap and give spaces and dimensions to the visual components of the design of the place.

5.Worm interface

If you mention the blocks and voids we must mention this house, which we always consider among our favorite options, with its contrasting mix of colors from the wonderful modern black and white, which looks like an inverted S-shaped construction, it is an example to follow the fashionable elegance and beauty without fear of Risk.