Energy Efficient Homes


While planning to build a new home, one’s aim should be to create an energy-smart, comfortable, aesthetically impressive, and economically justified dwelling. It is achieved by first considering our environment and its challenges. Energy smart homes are designed to get the full benefit from the least possible resources but provide the same comfort and service as available in alternately designed housing.

So, if you are looking to build an energy-efficient home with modern design and features then here are five useful tips by the home builders in Lahore on how to build an energy-efficient home.

1. Home Orientation

The orientation of your home has a radical impact on sun exposure and affects daylighting. The home builders in Lahore give importance to the environmental conditions of your selected home location to make the best possible use of it. The parts of a home facing east receive sunlight in the morning and are cooler in the afternoon, making it ideal for bedrooms and kitchens. On the other hand, the areas of the home that receives most sunlight during the day can be used as living rooms

2. Home Insulation

Another way the home builders in Lahore can make your home energy efficient is by installing home insulation. It is your primary defense against heat loss through the house envelope. For this, it is essential to insulate the walls, floors, and ceilings with the right insulating material depending upon the type and thickness that meets the specific needs of each surface. It reduces heat absorption and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

3. Using Glass in Interior

Installing glass panels and large floor to the ceiling windows not only elevates the aesthetics of your home, but it is also one of the most useful tips to design an energy-efficient home. The transparent and glazed types of window glass permit to make the maximum use of natural light in your home during the day.

4. Smart Appliances

With technology getting smarter and energy efficient each passing day, various smart gadgets can be used in building an energy-smart home. By incorporating smart appliances in your living space, it minimizes the burden of soaring energy bills on the consumer. The energy-efficient home builders in Lahore use energy savers, LED bulbs, smart blinds, smart switches, and smart lightings. They prefer inverter devices over regular devices that help save a lot of electricity units by maximizing the use of available energy resources.

5. Landscaping

Energy-efficient landscaping practices can save energy. It includes plantation of trees and other plants such as evergreen around the homes that could reduce the cooling cost of the house. The leaves help in blocking the infrared radiations that would warm the house in summers and the bare branches let it come through in winters. The carefully positioned trees and shrubs can save up to 25% of the energy consumed by a typical household. Energy-efficient landscaping has added benefits such as lower maintenance costs, a reduction in water use, a quieter home, and cleaner air.

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