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Economical Building Materials to Consider for your Home Construction in DHA Lahore

Historically homes and dwelling were made keeping in mind the topography, climatic conditions and available material at hand. People who lived in these homes did not need modern facilities and could acquire the desired effect just by a thorough understanding of their surroundings and using building materials appropriately.

In a globalized universe where everything looks like the other, whether they are airports, malls or homes, the knowledge and understanding of indigenous materials have diminished. However, there are many environmentally conscious individuals and conservationists who use eco-friendly materials for their projects. There are abundant sustainable building materials to choose from before starting the construction of your project.

Earth construction

Earth construction is basically constructing and working with raw earth/dirt. There are various techniques to use earth depending on the quality and composition of soil. In the realm of sustainable homes, we can categorize earth constructions under the following categories.

Rammed earth

Rammed earth is also an option for sustainable homes. It is a technique of constructing foundations, floors and walls using natural raw material such as earth, chalk, lime, and gravel. It is an ancient method that has been revived. Rammed earth is simple to manufacture, non-combustible, strong and durable. There are shortcomings with rammed earth such as they are can be damaged by water leakage if not maintained but if used efficiently, this is a good solution.

Light Straw Clay

Light Straw Clay is essentially composed of straw and clay and is much lighter than walls made of cob and rammed earth. Light straw is an excellent choice to build a sustainable home since it can be filled in nearly any kind of wall framing, be it timber, lumber or pole framing. Also, Light straw-clay is less time consuming than cob and rammed earth so using it can be cost-effective.