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Glorious Builders, the best construction company in Lahore, is known for its work. Glorious Builders believes that building a custom home can be exciting and scary all at once. Basically, it’s not only you who design your own home, a team works on it.

From an architectural perspective, there are tons of decisions to make, like even the smallest details that you want for your home such as ideal locations for electrical outlets.

Glorious Builders has a great team of architects in Lahore, Also, so you will have a solid team supporting you throughout the entire process.

A Brief Overview of Custom Construction

The steps that are covered in Custom construction are all dependent upon one another, with aspects of each phase directly dependent upon the successful completion of previous steps.

  • Architectural Design Phase
  • Pre-Construction Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Final Inspection Phase
  • Warranty Phase

Glorious Builders, the construction company, understands that each phase has several parts to it and takes differing amounts of time, just to assure its clients that the construction is the hardest can be made easy.

Let’s Differentiate the Homes Glorious Builders offer

Glorious Builders, a construction company in Lahore, offers custom homes in three styles: production homes, tract homes, and semi-custom homes, all being different from one another. A custom home is quite different from others.

A production home is constructed by Glorious Builders, a construction company, that offers its customers a selection of floor plans, layouts, interior design elements, and exteriors. The customer then selects one of the designs to go on a lot, more often located in a master-planned community filled with other homes using that slate of designs. Therefore, they are quite expensive.

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Tract Home

A tract home as compared to a production home offers a limited selection of designs. Therefore, most customers of tract homes have little choice in the design of the home. For tract Homes, The builders of Glorious Builders, a construction company in Lahore, have determined the exact plans and materials to use so they can construct a house at the lowest cost.

A semi-custom home offered by Glorious Builders, a construction company, offers a variety of floor plans, with slight customization options if desired. Finish selections like lighting, countertops, tile, flooring, etc. are also limited to what is in their specific showroom. Because upgrades and change orders inevitably slow down a project, semi-custom homebuilding companies usually make upgrades and change orders cost prohibitively.

A custom home is a home that is designed and built from the start. Therefore, the design is original to you and your lot, every detail from minor to major is done according to your needs, tastes, and desires. Thus, providing your custom home within your desired budget.

Building Your Dream Team

Glorious Builders, a construction company in Lahore, has an ideal build team, thus making your dream home a reality. Our dream team consists of a custom builder, an architect, and an interior designer. Your collaboration with our team will lead to the success of your project. Each member brings specific expertise, a unique perspective, and fresh ideas to the table that will enhance the design and execution of your home, you should therefore collaborate with the team as early as possible.

If the relationship between our team and client is strong then you will feel a strong partnership instead of a transactional relationship.

Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? Contact Glorious Builders.

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Architectural Design Phase

In this phase, the team will start to develop and plan the design for your floor plan and home design. The architect creates a primary design so that a primary budget is estimated to ensure that it is aligned with your desired budget. Early collaboration between your architect and builder helps to create and refine a home design that meets your needs and wants while also successfully staying on budget.

As an architect is busy doing perfections to your home designs and implementing your plans and engineering. Then comes the interior designer who helps in making the first phase of design selections. Your custom builder provides value-engineering options, soliciting and thoroughly vetting subcontractor bids. It also helps build a construction schedule and continually refine the budget to make it as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

Pre-Construction Phase

This is a phase before construction where your custom builder helps you with all the paperwork and bureaucracy that must happen in any construction project. Before construction all laws are to be followed, neighborhood association approvals are obtained, financing is squared away, building permits are secured, and necessary insurance coverage options are analyzed. Your custom builder should manage the whole process so you can rest easy so that no step has been missed.

This phase, it’s also a perfect time to finalize all the remaining design details with the interior designer.

Construction Phase

It’s the implementation phase, where all your decisions are now put into practice. As the foundation is installed and the frame is built the house takes a new shape.

All this process is managed by the construction manager to avoid any rework and mistakes and everything is built according to the customer’s needs. So that everything is done within the budget and time. After the installation of the frame, the major systems of your home are installed, from plumbing and electrical to insulation and finishes.

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Final Inspection & Move-In

This is the final phase, where you will see the final shape of your home. In this phase, you look over every detail and ensure that everything is exactly according to you. The inspection would not only be done by you but also custom builders as well as third party inspectors thoroughly check everything in the house to make sure it’s up to code and completed per your plans. After final touches, you are ready to move in.

Warranty Phase

Glorious Builders, a construction company, understands that its customer’s satisfaction is what our team is committed to. We assure to resolve all punch-out items quickly and provide a comprehensive warranty on our homes. We even give a long-time warranty for all materials and workmanship in our homes, all mechanics, and structural components. If anything goes wrong from our side we are here to fix it to your satisfaction. We can fix any issues caused by us within the budget but we take payments for further advancements. You can reach out to the team of Glorious Builders, a construction company, with any question or concern forever.

Glorious Builders, the best construction company, is known for its work and its aim to build strong, high-performing homes as well as enduring relationships. Our team collaborates during architectural design hence, creating a cost-effective, feasible home design. Our team constructs homes according to your schedule, budget, and high-quality standards. Then we warranty your new home to make sure you are completely happy with how it all turned out.

Does it sound exciting? Give us a call, and we can set up a consultation to set you on the right path toward your dream home.

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