Building your own home

Construction What materials are the best to build a house?

Building your own home can be a very interesting alternative for many of the people who are looking for a new home. The market for buying and selling houses can be limited and it is not always easy to find what you are looking for and at the price you are looking for.

Construction is always something that goes around the head of people who want a new home. For this reason, and provided that you have the basic knowledge and, above all, the time necessary to complete the entire project, building a house seems to be the best option for many people.

Steps necessary in building a house

But it is one thing to think about it and another thing to get down to work. The construction of a house requires many steps to follow in order to achieve the project prove successful. First of all, you have to choose the place where it would be good to carry out the construction. If you already have it, it is a step that does not matter, but, on the contrary, the search for a suitable land in characteristics and price, and the negotiation of it can take weeks or months.

We do not want to stop at everything related to paperwork, red tape, permits and others, but it is something that must also be taken into account when tackling a construction project. And you also have to think about searching and negotiating with an architect and different technicians who make possible what we have in mind for the future home.

Factors that influence the materials to build a house

One of the key aspects, both in conversations with the architect and the builders and in general, is the choice of materials to build the house. And, to determine with what materials it is better to build a house, it is necessary to have, again, different factors in mind.

The stone materials

These construction materials are those formed, directly or treated, by stone. There are a lot of different materials here. Among the stones that are used directly, we can highlight granite, marble, slate, sandstone and limestone.

granite, marble, slate, sandstone and limestone

Concrete under construction

From cement, depending on what it is mixed with, concrete or reinforced concrete can be obtained, even in blocks to function as large bricks, and if gypsum is combined with cardboard, gypsum cardboard, better known as plasterboard, is obtained. And finally, also of stone origin, you can make and use rock wool, which is used as a thermal insulator and is very common in construction work.

cardboard, gypsum cardboard, better known as plasterboard

Adobe, clay and hydraulic lime in construction

Construction materials obtained from clay and hydraulic lime are also very common and necessary. In a more basic way, and mixed with mud and straw, adobe and cob can be obtained. But, above all, what is most obtained are bricks, tiles, stoneware and tiles, which are achieved by heating the clay to very high temperatures.

* The cob – a construction material whose components are clay, sand, straw and common earth mud.

Construction materials