A house is in under construction

Building Orientation regarding Sun

Building Orientation matter a lot in aspects to its surrounding like natural view, external attractiveness to the street and for drainage considerations. With rising energy costs, it becomes very important for builders to orient building in this where they use the maximum free energy of Sun. For builders, orienting a new home in a way where it takes the maximum advantage from the Sunlight will be increased the market value and the home’s attractiveness. For the homeowner, it will reduce the electricity charges and their indoor comforts.

Therefore, building orientation, with thermal mass and daylight are important considerations of passive solar construction that can be included in any new home design. InterNACHI home inspectors can pass this information that will beneficial for their customer’s long-term savings.

Purposes of Building Orientation

  1. To give the correct orientation of the building regarding surroundings
  2. To provide scenic light and air to the resident
  3. To secure the residents from noisy
  4. To secure the residents from dust
  5. To secure the residents from smoke
  6. To provide the residents scenic view
  7. To provide privacy to the resident
  8. To secure the residents from the bad effects of the worst weather
  9. To secure the building from damage to the rain

Building Orientation’s Factors

The factors that are affecting the orientation of a building as follow:

Sun Path

          The orientation of a building must be kept in this way that sunlight must enter all parts of a building through windows, doors, and ducts. Various germs will reduce due to sunlight that takes birth where the sunlight doesn’t enter. It will also increase the indoor comforts and beauty of the building.


  1. Wind Orientation

The orientation of wind blowing throughout the year must keep in mind when builders build a building. Either the selective orientation of the building is favorable or not.

  1. Surroundings

Surroundings must also be considered when building the orientation of the building. it also includes the method of construction and ways of living of their neighbours.

  1. Directions of Street/Roads

The orientation is also much effective of the street or road direction.

If some plot is situated between two paths, then the front view of the building must be to the side of the main path.

  1. Rainfall’s Nature

Moisture is also affecting the building very much. Therefore, the direction of the building should be assessed. Thus, in the building orientation, it must be kept in mind the smaller parts of the building should be affected as far as possible.