Build a Home with Rock Solid Durability

Build a Home with Rock Solid Durability and Timeless Beauty

Since the dawn of civilization, builders, artisans, and artists have quarried and refashioned stone to create beautiful buildings that can withstand centuries of use. This article notes the critical contribution stone has made to such structures as the Parthenon of Greece, the pyramids of the Egyptians, the great stone faces on Easter Island, the solar clock at Stonehenge, Roman roads and aqueducts, and German castles. “All of these remnants of the past attest to the popularity, the permanence, the beauty, and the antiquity of stone as a construction product.”


Modern home construction demands flexibility in building materials.

For this reason, we offers two types of stone for residential homes: natural and synthetic.

According to Waqas Rana, of Glorious Builders, “Our natural stone product line includes limestone and sandstone from quarries located in Texas as well as some neighboring states. This natural stone is sold in varying thicknesses.

“We also provide a man-made concrete simulated stone product. It is concrete made in molds with the use of UV resistant pigments to produce a lifelike stone to fill the voids that natural stone can’t fill. This synthetic stone is used when natural stone is either logistically cost-prohibitive or there are weight restrictions and only the lightweight concrete stone would work.

“Builders and homeowners use stone in many ways. This can include exterior cladding on the home, accent walls inside the home, fireplaces, bars, island fronts and flooring. Outside, stone is an excellent addition to the outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas.”


Cast Stone

Cast stone has been a prime building material on exterior and interior of buildings for hundreds of years. Cast stone is a manufactured material with colors and textures similar to natural stone. Its physical properties typically match or exceed those of dimensional building stone. These characteristics make cast stone an attractive, durable complement to an Acme Brick exterior.

Because it is a molded product, cast stone can be made in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes, for a multitude of applications throughout a home or commercial building – both inside and out.

Manufactured Stone

Today’s manufactured stone combines Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and mineral oxide colors to duplicate the color palette of building stone common to most U.S. regions.

The process utilizes a variety of molds, which create textures and shapes that replicate natural stone. Units can be hand-tooled and hand-finished at the job site.

Installing veneer units is as easy as tiling a wall. Weighing 10 lb./sq.ft. or less, these veneer units exert minimal shearing force, which may eliminate the need for footings, wall ties, or other structural supports. Manufactured stone from Acme Brick Tile & Stone installs quickly and easily.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has true color throughout, and it is practical because it adds durability and protects a home from natural elements. Customizing a brick building with stone adds dramatic character and definition to the property’s appearance.

Naturally-occurring and readily available stone is also very heat resistant, which results in low maintenance and great durability.

Acme carries a wide selection of natural stone. Since inventory is ever-changing, selection is best done on-site at Acme Brick Tile & Stone store location that carries natural stone. A wide selection of ledgestone, cobble, flagstone, oversize boulders and more from the finest stone quarries are available.

Stonebrook Natural Stone

The one challenge of building with natural stone is its weight. The weight per square foot of stone requires heavy foundations and a masonry crew on-site to lay and finish the stone.

This new stone product line – Stonebrook Natural Stone Veneer – allows the architect or builder to get the same look of traditional stone, with much less weight. It can range from 14.7 lbs / sq ft. to 17 lbs / sq ft. Plus, installation is faster than traditional, full-bed depth stone.

Stonebrook has offerings in limestone, sandstone and marble from a variety of quarries. Each layer in every quarry is different, reflecting how the stone was formed over millions of years in the earth. There is also care taken to assure uniform quality, with measures that include vetting the quarries and verifying compliance with ASTM standards.

“New quarrying and processing technology have made natural stone more affordable than ever,” said Keng. “And when homeowners consider longevity, stability, permanence and ease of maintenance, the value of natural stone far exceeds its initial cost.”