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How to Check Quality of Cement

Cement is the most used material in any construction. It acts as a binder that binds aggregate and sand together in concrete. Well, there are so many theories explaining how to check the quality of cement in the lab but most of them require huge apparatus to check the quality of cement. Best Construction Companies […]

Best Construction Companies in Lahore Pakistan

Common Myths about Construction Companies in Pakistan

People having long-term projects with construction companies associate the strangest myths. Like other ventures, construction companies also become victims of the commotion caused by myths about construction companies in Pakistan. As People in Pakistan have strong beliefs in superstitions, it’s hard for them to trust any company. They easily believe in myths arising in any […]

Best Construction Companies in Lahore Pakistan

9 ways to welcome summer into Your DHA Homes

Summer is looming! The temperatures which are rising at the moment necessarily encourage us to welcome the summer season in the best possible way. Materials, colors, layout, decoration with plants, etc. There are a number of ways to welcome the sun and activate summer mode! So, Construction Company DHA Lahore builds such homes that are feasible for […]