10 Ways Most Used to secure house plans

7 Ways Most Used to secure house plans

When you’re  decorating your new home, you should make sure to plan setting up security measures. And this includes the security of your family safe which should be your top priority . A secure home plan is designed depending on how safe your city is to provide protection against any number of potential threats. Here are Construction Companies in bahria town Lahore provide ten smart tips To help you get back to the fun stuff, and you sleep better at night.

Secure the Doors

Secure the Doors is one of the major role playing to make your home secure. Inspect all of your exterior doors to make sure  your locks are the best on the market. Safely place your keys of doors and never give anyone strangers not for a while.

the door frames are strong, the hinges are protected, and—if your door has a mail slot—that someone can’t reach through it to unlock the door.

Be Sure some tips we recommend to help you secure the doors:

1# Always keep your doors locked—always.

2# Don’t forget about the back and side doors.

3# Install a deadbolt 

4# Lock all exterior doors in your home

5# Upgrade the smart locks

Secure the DoorsLock the Windows

Locking the windows is very important and never forget to lock as Doors and windows are the most common entry points and Unfortunately windows are mostly used and old ways to enter your home . Mostly People enjoy the weather during and leaving our windows open which is very risky as according to the annual crime report  from the National Criminal Justice Services criminals enter your home through unlocked windows and doors. 

Be Sure:

1# Install windows or glass break sensors

2# Add window bars

3# Use window security film for reinforcement

Lock the WindowsKeep the lights on

Keep the Lights on as criminals don’t like lighting and wait till the lights are off. According to an annual report of criminals after investigation 65% of criminals take place at night and 35% at daytime.  Spotlights around your home , along pathways, and close to the garage and other outdoor structures. 

Be Sure to:

1# Use motion-activated lights in all entry points of your home

2# Put outdoor lights on a timer

3# Save energy with solar-powered lights.

Keep the lights onAdopt a dog

Adopt a Dog as a dog playing a role as a security guard when you’re not at home and take care of your home as dogs make noise and hit thefts. Larger dogs can be more threatening as compared to small sizes of dogs. But big or small both are help you feel more secure and you sleep better at night

Make sure to:

1# Install a “Beware of Dog” sign instead.

2# Allow your dog access to areas in the yard or front floor rooms.

Adopt a dog
Install security cameras

Install Security cameras in your home is one home security solution and also means to get justice as camera footage is used to pick the criminal and work their own like an investigator. This is a new technology used for securing your home as you can see your home anytime even when you are not at home.

Be sure:

1# Cameras must be Motion detection

2# It must be Night vision

3# Two-way talk

4# Wi-Fi capability

Install security cameras Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

Your home Wifi Network system is an entryway to your own and money related data. What’s more, in the event that you utilize home mechanization, it can likewise make your home defenseless against a break-in. In the event that your Wi-Fi organize is associated with keen home devices or your security framework, it could give lawbreakers direct access to your home.

Be Sure:

1# secure your wireless router.

2# Use a firewall

3# Create Strong Password

4# Rename and hide your home network

 Lock Down Your Wi-Fi NetworkSet Up a Security System

Setting up a Security System is your basic need  for your new home. Here are some types of a security framework, regardless of whether it’s a fundamental DIY framework or one that accompanies proficient observing and home robotization. Today there are a lot of home security choices for each spending limit and each degree of assurance. 

To pick a framework that you’re alright with, assess the necessities of your neighborhood and your home. You can contact your nearby police division for neighborhood wrongdoing insights and help doing a home security assessment of your home. Use the smart devices in your home to work together for secured your home

Bes Sure:

1# Use Automate lights in your home to turn on according to schedules

2# Install DIY installation in your Home 

3# Use your home automation smartphone app to randomly turn things on or off when you’re away

4# Extras like smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring

Set Up a Security System