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5 Ideas for Lighting the House Externally

أفكار لإضاءة المنزل خارجيا
بیرونی طور پر ایوان کو روشن کرنے کے خیالات۔

Light is extremely important in the architectural design of the house, both indoors and outdoors. In our article for today we want to learn about the outdoor lighting of the house and the places to be lit whether in the garden, on the facade of the house, around the pool or on the terrace, or in the outdoor area, to give a beautiful and safe feeling and make your guests also feel welcome and comfortable, We will also learn about some of the Remodelling Lahore designs of lighting, such as the use of candlesticks or scout lighting in a distinctive style and impression according to personal taste.

گھر کے تعمیراتی ڈیزائن میں روشنی گھر کے اندر اور باہر دونوں جگہ انتہائی ضروری ہے۔ آج کے لئے اپنے مضمون میں ہم گھر کی آؤٹ ڈور لائٹنگ اور جگہوں کے بارے میں جاننا چاہتے ہیں چاہے وہ باغ میں ہو ، گھر کے اگواڑے پر ، تالاب کے چاروں طرف یا چھت پر ، یا بیرونی علاقے میں ، دینا ایک خوبصورت اور محفوظ احساس اور اپنے مہمانوں کو بھی خوش آئند اور راحت محسوس کریں ، ہم روشنی کے کچھ مخصوص ڈیزائن کے بارے میں بھی سیکھیں گے ، جیسے موم بتی کی روشنی یا اسکاؤٹ لائٹنگ کا استعمال ایک مخصوص انداز میں اور ذاتی ذائقہ کے مطابق تاثر کے طور پر۔

1. Decorate the walls with amazing lights

تزيين الجدران مع أضواء مذهلة
حیرت انگیز روشنی سے دیواروں کو سجائیں۔

On the walls of the entrance of the house, suitable lighting necessary for easy visibility in the evening, as you can choose the right design, in this idea we see lamps that you can control lighting up or down, thus ensuring the greatest amount of lighting.

Decorate the walls with amazing lights

2. Warm and comfortable

دافئة ومريحة
گرم اور آرام دہ

In the garden, you can control the type and shape of lighting according to the way the garden is designed.

Warm and comfortable

3. Special atmosphere (الأجواء الخاصة)

If you want to illuminate the environment, you should use lighting that gives a distinctive décor, so we recommend using lamps that you can control the lighting orientation of the place you want… It will give you a special and distinctive atmosphere.

home Special atmosphere

4. Tighten the lighting to show the garden aesthetic (تشديد الإضاءة لإظهار جمالية الحديقة)

To increase the beauty of the garden, we recommend that you read the focus on the plants in the garden and focus lighting on those plants, whether grass or high trees and the use of lighting that increase the aesthetic of plants, here you can master the choice of lighting colors directed to plants. Your garden plants will appear not only in green but also in all spectrum colors.

lighting to show the garden aesthetic

5. Lighting stairs (إضاءة السلالم)

The ladder is one of the areas that must be illuminated so as not to cause accidents. For this outdoor environment, you can apply general lighting to keep each area fully illuminated, and another option is to use low-light lighting from the ground on the side walls.

Lighting stairs

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